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    We have the finest selection of steaks, hung for 28 days to ensure extra tenderness and outstanding flavour.

    Our sirloins and rib-eyes are exceptionally tender, juicy and flavoursome. The rump steak is a much leaner cut of meat with a firmer texture. It has a unique flavour and is very juicy.  Our T-bone steak, with sirloin on one side of the bone and small fillet on the other side provides you with the best of both worlds.  Fillet Steak is the tenderest and leanest cut of steak that we offer. It is extremely juicy and has a lighter flavour than the other steaks. It is the perfect steak to compliment with one of our fabulous sauces.


    All steaks are served with roasted flat cap mushroom, homemade tomato relish, twice cooked beef dripping chips,
    chef’s own recipe bacon jam, garden salad and peas


    Our 100% premium steak burgers are made from our top quality rump steak minced down on site,
    and combined with our own recipe of herbs and spices


    House prepared belly pork ribs, smothered with a BBQ glaze, accompanied by sweet potato fries, house salad and chef’s creamy slaw